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B_ofung_tsid F_talov_n, RK (5,10l)

B_ofung_tsid F_talov_n, RK (5,10l)
  • B_ofung_tsid F_talov_n, RK (5,10l)
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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fitobakteriomitsin – complex of the streptotritsinovy antibiotics produced by soil - inhabiting fungus.

For what and where to apply:

for fight against bacterial and fungous diseases (root rots, soft decay, vascular bacteriosis, bacterial cancer, blossom - end rot, alternarioz, bacterial burn, moniliasis, scab) in the protected and open ground.

How to apply:

processing of seeds, spraying, drop watering, watering at the roots for prevention and treatment of diseases

Action and result:

thanks to systemic action easily gets into fabrics and moves on vascular system of plant





Preparation expense

Method of application


Tomato of sheltered ground

Root rots, soft bacterial rot, bacterial wilt: bacterial cancer,

stalk core necrosis

20ml/10l waters

Watering of seedling at the roots in phase 2 - 3x of the real leaves, then after planting of plants to the constant place each 15 days. 30 - 50 ml on plant (seedling);

100 - 200 ml on plant

(on the constant place). Fruits can be eaten in 48 hours after processing.

Cucumber of sheltered ground


Crown rot, soft bacterial rot, bacterial and trakheomikozny wilt

Angular mottled leaf

Spraying in growth period and fructification in 7 - 10 days after planting of plants to the constant place and further with interval of 2 - 3 weeks.

Tomato of open ground

Bacterial blossom - end rot, alternarioz, black bacterial spot

20ml/10l waters

Spraying in growth period and fructification with interval of 15 days


Mucous and vascular bacteriosis, seedling wire stem

20ml/10l waters

Spraying or watering of seedling in stage of 2 - 3 real leaves; in 2 - 3 weeks after disembarkation to the constant place and further with interval of 20 days before full forming of head of cabbage.


Wire stem, soft bacterial rot, ring decay, etc. bacterioses

20 - 50 ml / 10л waters

"Bathing" of tubers in preparation solution in 20 - 30 minutes prior to landing. Spraying in growth period of plants with interval of 20 days.

Apple - tree, pear

Bacterial burn, moniliasis, scab

20ml/10l waters

Spraying in growth period before blossoming, is obligatory during blossoming, during setting and maturing of fruits and after leaf fall. On one tree 2 - 5 l of solution are required.

Houseplants, flower seedling


20 ml / 10 water l

Watering of plants at emergence of symptoms of illness


Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 02.04.2021

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