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Duo Hummer herbicide

Duo Hummer herbicide
  • Duo Hummer herbicide
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Brand:Альфа Смарт Агро
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Active ingredient: 2,4 D-2-etilgeksilovy air, 491,5 g/l + to florasula, 8,5 g/l

Formulyation: Suspension emulsion

Appointment: New two-component herbicide with an expanded range of action for application on grain crops

Container: 5 l

Method of application and consumption rates



Consumption rate of medicine, l/hectare

Way of processing

Maximum number of processings

Winter wheat that summer

One-year and long-term cereal weeds


Spraying from a kushcheniye phase before formation of the 2nd interstice of culture


Medicines with identical active ingredient use on the following cultures

Barley summer and winter, oats, zhito, triticale

One-year and long-term cereal weeds


Spraying from a kushcheniye phase before education 1-2 interstices of culture



Spraying from a kushcheniye phase to an exit in a culture tube


Spraying in a phase of 3-5 leaves of culture


Spraying from a phase 3 to a phase 7 (inclusive) culture leaves


• Expanded range of controlled weeds, especially such, as mar white, nightshade black, lady's bedstraw tenacious and others.

• The combination of two active ingredients of essentially different mechanism herbicidal actions prevents resistance emergence.

• High speed of effect of herbicide.

• Control of the weeds steady to 2,4-D, MTsPA, dicamba and sulphonylurea.

• Destruction of self-sowing of sunflower, including steady to tribenuron-methyl, an imizamoksa and an imazetapir.

• Application at ambient temperature from +8 °C

• Lack of restrictions for cultures in a crop rotation.

Action mechanism

2,4-D etilgeksiloviya air and to florasula are system active ingredients. Active ingredient 2,4-D belongs to herbicides of auksinovy type which at hit in plants collect and break process of metabolism of nitrogen and synthesis of enzymes. 2,4-D air is more active, than other salts 2,4-D (dimetilaminny, sodium). Florasulam treats group of inhibitors of an atsetolaktatsintitaza. After processing quickly gets into a plant through leaves and roots, moves on the leading bunches (a floema, a xylem) to growth point. Effect of medicine consists in atsetalaktatsintitaza enzyme oppression that, in turn, blocks formation of a valin, isoleucine and leucine. Further (within 3 hours after application) there is a cell fission stop.


Herbicide is applied as poslevskhodovy. Visible symptoms of herbicidal activity (turgor loss, withering of leaves) appear in 6-7 hours after use of medicine, and full death of weeds happens in 4-14 days depending on specific structure and a stage of development of weeds, density of standing of culture, weather conditions.

Action range

Weeds are sensitive: a lady's bedstraw tenacious (to 14 rings), a sow-thistle garden, a sow-thistle yellow rough, a shchiritsa (types), the bitterling (types), a galinsoga melkotsvetny, an erigeron Canadian, a camomile (types), mustard (types), a surepitsa, colza self-sowing, self-sowing of sunflower (usual, is steady to tribenuron-methyl, an imazetapir, imazamoks, imazapir etc.), poppy (types), a shepherd's bag ordinary, a cornflower blue, a deskurayniya of Sofia, a marigold usual, a radish wild, a yarutka field, an ambrosia polynnolistny (to 4 leaves), gibisk trigeminal, a buckwheat Tatar, a sleepiness white, sporysh ordinary, a pikulnik ordinary, a sow-thistle pink (shoots from seeds) a nettle.

Srednechuvstvitelnye: Veronika (types), buttercup (types), euphorbia (types), bindweed field, nightshade black, orach (2-4 leaves).

Medicine does not affect cereal weeds.

General recommendations

For maximum efficiency herbicide should be brought during active growth of weeds in a phase of 2-10 leaves at one-year and 10-15 cm (socket) at long-term. Optimum ambient temperature for use of medicine is in limits +8... + 25 °C. Avoid to use of medicine right after frosts or waiting for frosts in the night after processing. For achievement of maximum efficiency medicine needs to be applied evenly on a sheet surface of plants, using well adjusted equipment. Medicine can also be mixed with fungicides, insecticides. Before preparation of working solution from mix of medicines it is recommended to check their physical miscibility in small capacity. Herbicide is steady against washing off by a rain in an hour after application.


Consumption rate of working liquid: 200-300 l/hectare.

Brand:Альфа Смарт Агро
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Chemical composition:Organic
Operating principle:Selective
Effects on the body:System
Amount of packaging: 5 L
Information is up-to-date: 09.11.2020
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