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Grade of winter wheat It is stately

Grade of winter wheat It is stately
  • Grade of winter wheat It is stately
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Winter wheat is stately, a grade with the increased winter hardiness, in field conditions tolerant to the main harmful diseases.

Originator — Institute of plant growing of V. Ya. Yuryev of NAAN.

The grade is created by the directed individual selection from a hybrid combination Harus / Kharkiv 107.

It is entered in the Register of plant varieties for distribution in Ukraine since 2011 in the Forest-steppe zone.

Aprobatsionny signs of wheat it is stately

Kind of erythrospermum — awned.

Ear with a strong wax raid, when maturing white, a cylindrical form, 8-9 cm long, average density. Awns in the top part of an ear very long, are located at an angle to an ear, jagged, after a kolosheniye get white coloring. Koloskovy scales of a lantsetny form, tooth of koloskovy scales long, so-so curved. A shoulder of koloskovy scales slanted, average by the size. Grain red, an oval form with wide trimmed chubky, the average size (mass of 1000 seeds-41,3 of)

Biological signs of winter wheat it is stately

The grade is mid-season, belongs to srednerosly type, height of plants makes — 95 cm, a stalk of average thickness, strong, steady against drowning with a strong wax raid on the top interstice. Bush form upright. Has a high kustistost and it is capable to form more than 700 productive escapes on 1 sq.m. The winter hardiness increased at an artificial promorazhivaniye makes 7 points. In field conditions tolerant to the main diseases. In artificial conditions of infection steady against golovnevy diseases.

Economic signs of winter wheat it is stately

High-yielding grade. In a competitive sortoispytaniye of institute of 2008 productivity of a grade made 9,55 t/hectare. In GPOH "Elite" of the Kharkiv Region under production conditions in 2011 7,30 t/hectare are received. Average productivity in 2011 of 7,70 t/hectare on 5 OCC Forest-steppes of Ukraine; maximum — 9,15 t/hectare. Quality meets the requirements to strong wheat. Protein content of 12-13%, glutens — 26-28%, flour force — 464 o.a., bread volume from 100 g of flour of 700 ml.

Winter wheat is stately, a grade of universal type of use, undemanding to cultivation conditions. Suitable for cultivation on all predecessors and on intensive technology.

Manufacturer:Институт растениеводства им. В.Я. Юрьева НААН
Cereal crop:Wheat
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Yield: 77 cwt/ha
Information is up-to-date: 28.05.2020
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