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Herbicide Oscar Premium

Herbicide Oscar Premium
  • Herbicide Oscar Premium
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Brand:Альфа Смарт Агро
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Active ingredient: Propizokhlor, 450 g/l + Terbutilazin, 215 g/l

Formulyation: Suspension emulsion

Appointment: New two-component soil herbicide of system action against annual cereals and one-year broad-leaved weeds

Container: 20 l

Method of application and consumption rates



Consumption rate of medicine, l/hectare

Way of processing

Maximum number of processings

Sunflower *

Annual cereals and two-submultiple weeds


Spraying of the soil before crops, after crops, but to culture shoots




Spraying of the soil before crops, after crops or on a ladder in phases of 3-5 leaves at culture (no more than 2 real leaves at weeds)


Medicines with identical active ingredient use on the following cultures

Soy *

Annual cereals and two-submultiple weeds


Spraying of the soil before crops, after crops, but to culture shoots




Spraying of the soil before landing, during landing time, after landing, but before emergence of shoots of culture


* Application on easy (slabogumusny) soils is recommended to reduce norm to 3,0-3,5 l/hectare.


• Synergysm of two active ingredients provides long protection of culture – within 6-8 weeks.

• Has high efficiency against annual cereals and a number of the major two-submultiple weeds.

• Has a wide window of application on crops of corn – from crops to 5 leaves.

• Medicine possesses exclusively soft action on cultural plants – there is no need for addition to antidote medicine.

• Does not demand preparation of tank mixes.

• Does not influence the subsequent cultures in a crop rotation – herbicide completely decays during vegetation.

• Increases productivity due to the best protection and reduction of phytotoxicity in comparison with other medicines.

• Reference medicine for control of weeds on crops of sunflower and corn!

action mechanism

Active ingredient – terbutilazin – is system, belongs to the chemical class of triazine. Terbutilazin is absorbed by roots of the sprouting or already sprouted weeds, further blocks transport of electrons in cages (breaks photosynthesis process) that leads to death of a plant. During a drought terbutilazin forms steadier protective film, than other active ingredients. Active ingredient – a propizokhlor – system, belongs to the chemical class of hloratsetamid. Propizokhlor is absorbed by roots and the sprouting sprouts of weeds, suppresses cell fission by blocking of synthesis of protein at sensitive plants. Influence of these two active ingredients on weeds is irreversible.

Action range

Weeds are sensitive: chicken millet, foxtail (types), meadow grass (types), shchiritsa (types), camomile (types), lady's bedstraw tenacious, mountaineer pochechuyny, galinsoga usual, shepherd's bag ordinary, yarutka field, deskurayniya of Sofia, Veronika (types), zvezdchatka average.

Srednechuvstvitelny weeds: not occasional office is ordinary, mar white, a hibiscus trigeminal, a dope (types), mustard field, a sorghum Aleppo (from seeds), poppy (types), an ambrosia polynnolistny, a surepitsa ordinary, an orach (types), the mountaineer sprawling, sporysh ordinary, a dymyanka medicinal, ovsyug (shoots from depth to 3 cm).

General recommendations

The best method of application – right after crops, before emergence of shoots of culture. Optimum conditions – loss of a rain or irrigation after spraying (10-15 mm). The soil has to be melkokomkovaty – large lumps and a large number of the vegetable remains increase the area of absorption of medicine and reduce efficiency of introduction. At application on a ladder of weeds an optimum phase at annual cereals – the first couple of leaves, in two-submultiple – a phase a cotyledon. Not to allow development of cereal and two-submultiple weeds into a phase more than 2 real leaves. The obligatory requirement is providing a continuous covering of the area during introduction of medicine. After introduction medicine creates the screen in a soil blanket that allows to control the weeds sprouting within 6-8 weeks.


Consumption rate of working liquid: 200-400 l/hectare

Brand:Альфа Смарт Агро
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Chemical composition:Organic
Operating principle:Selective
Effects on the body:System
Amount of packaging: 20 L
Information is up-to-date: 09.11.2020
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