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Herbicide Santal

Herbicide Santal
  • Herbicide Santal
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Brand:Альфа Смарт Агро
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Active ingredient: imazamoks, 33 g/l + imazapir, 15 g/l

Formulyation: Soluble concentrate

Appointment: Two-component poslevskhodovy herbicide of system action against cereal and two-submultiple weeds on crops of the sunflower steady against imidazolines

Container: 10 l

Method of application and consumption rates



Consumption rate of medicine, l/hectare

Way of processing

Maximum number of processings

Sunflower (hybrids resistant to imidazolines)

Cereal and two-submultiple weeds

1,0-1,2 *

Spraying of crops in a phase of 4 leaves of culture and on initial phases of development of weeds


* 1,0 l/hectare are applied at early stages of development of weeds when they are in a stage of active growth and on the square on which there is no top sunflower;

1,2 l/hectare are the main recommended norm when finding weeds at later stages of development, and also in the presence of problem weeds


• Advanced formulyation of medicine.

• The improved covering and content of active ingredients.

• Highly active action through the soil and through leaves.

• The strengthened protection against a complex of weeds and a top sunflower.

• Reliable control of the following waves of weeds (soil action).

Action mechanism

Imazamoks and imazapir are adsorbed through roots and a sheet surface of plants, move on a xylem and a floema and collect in growth points. In weeds active ingredients inhibit synthesis of enzyme of an atsetogidroksilnoa of acid (ALS) which is responsible for formation of aliphatic amino acids (valin, a leucine and an isoleucine). Synthesis of a protein is broken, leads to violation of synthesis of DNA and delay of growth of plant cells that leads to death of weeds.


Getting through leaves and stalks of sensitive weeds, kletody and hizalofop-p-ethyl concentrate in points of growth of escapes and rhizomes. Growth of weeds stops within a day after application. Due to existence of a kletodim in structure Kaimana visual symptoms of herbicidal action are shown very quickly – in 3-5 days in the form of browning and dying off of points of growth and acquisition by leaves hlorotichny coloring. Full death of an elevated part occurs in 7-12 days. Within 14-21 days there is a drying up of rhizomes.

Action range

Weeds are sensitive to medicine: ambrosia (types), bindweed field, mountaineer vyyunkovy, mustard field, not occasional office ordinary, dymyanka medicinal, zvezdchatka average, Teofrast's kanatchik, mar white, sow-thistle (types), shepherd's bag ordinary, nightshade black, pikulnik ordinary, lady's bedstraw tenacious, millet chicken, radish wild, camomile (types), foxtail (types), shchiritsa (types), yarutka field, top sunflower

General recommendations

Optimum terms of processing santat there is a period when weeds are on early phases of development (to 4 leaves) that, as a rule, corresponds to a phase of development of 4 real leaves in sunflower. It is not recommended to apply medicine in a phase of 2 real leaves at culture. In certain cases after use of herbicide on leaves of sunflower yellowing of leaves or a top of plants can appear. Manifestation of these symptoms does not mean negative impact of herbicide on plants of sunflower and its productivity. As a rule, such symptoms appear after processing owing to impact on a plant of stressful weather conditions (a drought, a heat, low temperatures, etc.). Approximately for 10-14 day after processing these symptoms on plants disappear. The rain in one hour after application does not influence efficiency of medicine. At application on squares with the minimum processing of the soil or on squares where there is a large number of the crop residue remains, decrease in soil effect of medicine is possible. Within 10 days after application it is necessary to exclude machining which will break herbicidal "screen" in the field. At application in tank mixes with other herbicides effect of medicine amplifies that can lead to oppression of plants of sunflower therefore application together with other herbicides is not custom.

Consumption rate of working liquid: 200-400 l/hectare.

The place in a crop rotation

After use of herbicide in a crop rotation it is possible to sow the following cultures through:



4 months (fall)

winter wheat, rye winter

9 months (spring)

spring-sown field, soy, peas, beans, lucerne, corn *, sorghum *, barley summer *, oats *

18 months

winter wheat that summer, barley winter that summer, rye, oats, corn, sunflower, potatoes, soy, peas, beans, lucerne, millet, vegetables

24 months

Sugar beet, colza, wheat winter and summer, barley winter that summer, rye, oats, corn, sunflower, potatoes, soy, peas, beans, lucerne, millet, vegetables


* Fitotoksichnost is absent on rn soils more than 6,2 and enough rainfall during the season (> 200 mm). Enough moisture from the moment of use of medicine before crops of the following culture in a crop rotation strengthens microbiological disintegration of active ingredients. On heavy soils and soil with low rn disintegration of active ingredients goes more slowly, than on easy soils. Within 3 years after use of herbicide imidazolines are not recommended to use medicines from group (imazetapir, imazamoks, imazapir).

Brand:Альфа Смарт Агро
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Chemical composition:Organic
Operating principle:Selective
Effects on the body:System
Amount of packaging: 5 L
Information is up-to-date: 09.11.2020
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