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Peas grade Tsarevitch of 1 river.

Peas grade Tsarevitch of 1 river.
  • Peas grade Tsarevitch of 1 river.
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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 It is entered in the Register of plant varieties of Ukraine in 2008.
      Originator – Institute of crop production of V. Ya. Yuryev of NAAN.
      High-quality signs. A version – contecstum (linked) a subvariety – ecaducum.
      Grade bezlistochkovy (moustached), semi-dwarfish type.         The stalk is usual, height of plants is 50-70 cm, interstices to the first inflorescence 11–13. Flowers white, on a tsvetonosa on 2, a bean of shelling type, srednekrupny, slabovognuty, with a stupid top. Quantity of seeds in a bean on average 5–6, as much as possible – 7. Seeds pink, rounded squeezed, with a smooth surface, with a sign of resistance to fall.
      Economic signs. Grade of grain use, mid-season. Duration of the vegetative period is 71–75 days. Weight is 1000 seeds of 270-280 g. Protein content in seeds of 22-23%. The grade has high tastes of seeds. It is steady against drowning and is suitable for cleaning by direct combining.
      The maximum productivity – 5,92 t/hectare – is received in 2005 in the Rivne region on the Rivne GTsESR. In the conditions of the steppe Crimea for 2007-2010 productivity of a grade made 2,08 t/hectare, maximum – 3,27 t/hectare was received in 2010. In 2008 on Vilnyansky GSS of the Zaporizhia region 3,24 t/hectare are received. In 2009 in TOV "Beacon" of the Belogorsk district of the Khmelnytskyi Region it is received – 3,00 t/hectare, and in GPOH "Oleksandr_vske" of the Trostyanetsky district of the Vinnytsia Region 4,36 t/hectare are received.

Manufacturer:Институт растениеводства им. В. Я. Юрьева НААН
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Ripening period:Middle ripening
Screen: 98 %
Information is up-to-date: 29.01.2021

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