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Protravitel of seeds Armada analog Prestige

Protravitel of seeds Armada analog Prestige
  • Protravitel of seeds Armada analog Prestige
  • Protravitel of seeds Armada analog Prestige
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Brand:Агрохімічні технології
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Armada, CU

Active ingredient:
 imidakloprid, 140 g/l +
pentsikuron, 150 g/l

Preparative form: a fluid concentrate for processing of seeds

Container: bottles of 1 l

General information on medicine:

Insekto-fungitsidny a protravitel of system and contact action for protection of potatoes against a complex of wreckers and diseases during vegetation.

Advantages of application of a protravitel Armada of the CU:

  • The combined protection against wreckers and diseases -
  • Protects potatoes from pochvoobitayushchy wreckers from early stages of development of plants -
  • It is highly effective against the most harmful diseases: rizoktonioza of shoots, scabs and wet gniley-
  • Protects potatoes from a Colorado beetle during the period from emergence of shoots before blossoming -
  • It is safe for useful insects and the environment.

Mechanism of effect of medicine:

Active ingredient imidakloprid, thanks to the system properties, with achaly growth processes in tubers is redistributed on all plant and remains in it before blossoming of potatoes. Wreckers perish from eating of the plants growing from the processed tubers. In an organism of insects imidakloprid blocks postsynaptic nikoti-nilovy receptors, interrupting with that transfer of nervous impulses that leads to defeat of nervous system and death of insects from overexcitation and paralysis.

Pentsikuron – contact persistentny fungicide of preventive and protective action. Getting into a cuticle of plants, inhibits germination of a mycelium. In mushrooms, blocks cell fission, influencing a functional condition of a kernel. Slows down biosynthesis of sterol and free fatty acids.

General recommendations about use of medicine:

The medicine Armada of the CU is diluted with water at the rate of 1 l of medicine on 10-20 l of water on one ton of seed material. Protravlivaniye of seeds is carried out just before disembarkation of tubers to the soil, immersing tubers in working solution, or evenly applying it on seed material. To avoid friction of wet tubers one about another and their traumatizing that in cold and damp conditions can lead to infection with bacterial decay. Seed material has to be not more senior than one year from a harvest.

To presoak seedling of tomatoes, pepper, eggplants, cabbage for 6-8 hours before disembarkation in 1% solution of a protravitel the Armada of the CU.

Recommendations about use of medicine:

Culture Target object of influence Consumption rate of medicine, l/t
Official registration
Potatoes Provolochniki, lozhnoprovolochnik, larvae of cockchafers, Colorado beetle, cicada, plant louse, tripsa, rizoktonioz 1,0
Practice of use of similar medicines
Tomatoes, pepper, eggplants, cabbage (seedling) Colorado beetle, plant louse, mol, flea beetles, tripsa 1% solution


Producer Agrokh_m_chn_ technologist і ї
Country of origin Ukraine
Release form water suspension
Nature of action continuous
Chemical composition organic
Packing plastic container
Brand:Агрохімічні технології
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 02.04.2021

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