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Protravitel Trinazon

Protravitel Trinazon
  • Protravitel Trinazon
  • Protravitel Trinazon
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Brand:Агрохимические Технологии
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Active ingredient: tritikonazol, 20 g/l; prokhloraz, 60 g/l

Preparative form: suspension concentrate

Container: canister of 10 l

Highly effective two-component system fungicide for carrying out preseeding processing of seeds of grain crops from a complex of diseases.

Advantages of application

·                   Medicine not only prophylactic of the prevention of diseases, but also has medical effect if defeat already began

·                   The combination of two active ingredients of system and contact action provides local disinfection of the soil, protection of seeds and shoots of wheat against defeat with causative agents of diseases

·                   Active ingredients of fungicide can move not only up to leaves as in the majority of medicines, but also down roots that does medicine effective in fight with fuzariozny, gelmintosporiozny and others root gnilyam, and also provides the long period of action

·                   Thanks to a broad spectrum of activity Trinazon of KS protects a plant practically from all pathogens on all species of grain crops

·                   Ideal protection of primary and secondary root system against gnily promotes increase in quantity of productive stalks.

General recommendations

Of seeds Trinazon KS spend Protravlivaniye by medicine as in advance (in 1-2 weeks), and just before crops. Processing should be carried out with moistening, on 1 t of seeds usually use 10 l of working solution (7,5-8,0 l of water and 2,0-2,5 l of medicine Trinazon of KS). To provide good sticking of a product and, respectively, the best quality of a protravlivaniye, seeds for processing it is recommended to clear of dust and impurity. Quality of processing is controlled on intensity of coloring of seed material by dye which is a part of a form of medicine. For processing use the stationary or mobile equipment.

Action mechanism

Medicine contains two active ingredients – prokhloraz and tritikonazol, – which supplement each other, increasing efficiency of fungicide. Local and system active ingredient prokhloraz concerns to group of an imidazole, it gets into seed covers and disinfects grain from the pathogens which are under a seed cover and in an aleyronovy layer; suppresses mushrooms from the sort Fusarium sp. and Microdochium nivale causing development of fuzariozny root decay and a snow mold. System active ingredient tritikonazol (from group of triazoles) is effective against the pathogens which are on the surface of grain such as activators of a firm golovna Tilletiacaries and Tilletiafoetida; destroys activators of a dusty golovna of the sort Ustilag which are in grain. Tritikonazol disinfects sowing material, and prokhloraz – both seeds, and the soil therefore medicine Trinazon is irreplaceable KS in modern production technologies of grain with application of the minimum and zero processing of the soil, and also in crop rotations with saturation by grain crops more than 50%.

Recommendations about use of medicine

All types of golovnevy diseases, spottiness of leaves, molding of seeds, fuzariozny and gelmintosporiozny root decayed, septorioz, mealy dew


Consumption rate of medicine, l/hectare: 2,0-2,5

Brand:Агрохимические Технологии
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Chemical composition:Organic
Effects on the body:System
Information is up-to-date: 09.11.2020
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