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Seeds of corn of NANOSECOND of 2014 (Novi Sad)

Seeds of corn of NANOSECOND of 2014 (Novi Sad)
  • Seeds of corn of NANOSECOND of 2014 (Novi Sad)
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Country of manufacture:Serbia
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NANOSECOND of 2014 – the simple hybrid of corn intended for cultivation on grain. As Originator the known Serbian Institute of Vegetable growing and Field husbandry "NS SEME" from the city of Novi Sad acts. The FAO makes 260, and the period of vegetation of 107 - 110 days. It is intended for cultivation in all zones of Ukraine, potential productivity makes 10 tons from hectare.

Density of standing for various zones, thousands of grains on hectare:

Woodlands – 80

The forest-steppe - 70

The steppe – 60 (or 70 - on watering).

The hybrid has a high rate of initial growth rate, is steady against drowning and a drought. In addition, it has high resistance to widespread diseases, such as fusariosis, gelmintospiroz, bubbly golovnya.

Aprobatsionny signs: height of a plant of 240 - 250 centimeters, a head of cabbage of a cylindrical form, long to 30 centimeters, has 16-18 rows of grains. The mass of 1000 makes 280 – 290 grams.



Manufacturer:Нови Сад
Country of manufacture:Serbia
Cereal crop:Corn
Screen: 97 %
Yield: 100 cwt/ha
Information is up-to-date: 29.01.2021

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