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Services by combines on cleaning of grain crops, Poslugi combines
Services of combines on cleaning of agricultural cultures Available there is a base across all Ukraine of equipment for cleaning of grain and commercial crops. There are combines for cleaning of beet. We will provide you equipment under all your wishes. Brand at your choice, the harvester width,...
Group: Services of grain harvesting by combines
Rent of combines
We provide of cleaning service grain and technical kltur. Combines of the leading producers John Deere, Keyes, New Holland, KLAAS, Massy. Various set of harvesters segmented on cultures and width of capture (from 6 m to 10,7m). Services by combines are carried out across all territory of Ukraine....
Group: Hire of harvesters
Harvesting of corn combine
Combine r_zno ї modef_kats і (Leks_on, New Holland, John Deere, KLAAS, Keyes...) on vs_y a teritor і ї Ukra§ni. Harvesters chapel, ger_ngof, dom_non і, fleks harvesters... the 8th rows z a mill for podr§bnennya. Nada¾mo of a posluga combines on zbirannyu I vrozhat kukurudz,...
Group: Hire of harvesters
Harvesting by grain combines
Our company organizes harvesting of grain and commercial crops combines of the famous world brands and modifications. We provide services by combines in all territory of Ukraine! We consider preferences of clients, regional, relief and climatic features, we select the...
Group: Services of cultivation of the land: harvesting with combine harvester
Services of agricultural aircraft: spraying of fields from the plane
Services of aircraft in agriculture for landowners of all regions of Ukraine. AGRICULTURAL AIRCRAFT: EXPENSIVELY OR FAVOURABLY?   The Ukrainian lands were always famous for fertility. According to analysts, the agrarian capacity of our country is rather big. According to...
Group: Aviation services in agriculture
Processing of the soil (boronovaniye, diskovka)
In the spring the soil is harrowed to close moisture. At the same time the surface of an arable land is leveled, the blanket of the soil is loosened to a small state owing to what from it less water evaporates. It is better to harrow a ploughland heavy harrows in the unit with loops. At the...
Group: Tillage
Selection of harvesters
Available all harvesters: grain, podsolnechnikovy, corn, Flex-harvesters on soy.
Group: Harvesting
Harvesting by grain combines
Poslug on a p_dbor kombayn_v on zbirannya I vrozhat Nada¾mo cultures with head. In baz_ є the combine of the CLAAS brands (Mega, Dominator, Lexion), John Deere, Case. , New Holland, Casey.
Group: Services of grain harvesting by combines
Hire of tractors
Group: Hire of tractors
Services of combines in harvesting
 Services by combines in the sphere of agricultural sector on harvesting of crops (corn, soy, sunflower, early grain, colza). In vehicle fleet there are modern combines of the leading brands: Claas Lexion, John-Deere, New Holland, Case. Existence of a large number of special equipment in...
Group: Rental of machinery
Rent of sprayers
Group: Chemical treatment of sprinklers
Soy harvesting by combines
  Classical, rotor and hybrid combines with Flex harvesters are suitable for cleaning of soy. Combines of classical type for cleaning of soy are equipped with keyboard system of separation and drum system of the thresh. They are intended for cleaning of the dried mass of soybeans. However with...
Group: Harvesting of soya bean
Harvesting of corn combine
Cleaning of corn on grain is carried out by all types of the combine harvesters supplied with axial or tangential molotilny devices: GERINGHOFF, OLIMAC DRAGO,OROS,CAPELLO. Due to width between ranks of corn which exceeds distance between ranks of grain crops five times, recommend to use a...
Group: Harvesting of maize
Harvesting of sunflower combine
Harvesting of sunflower as much as possible has to make 5 days after achievement by seeds of optimum level of humidity – no more than 22%. After the specified term (5-6 days) fall of seeds to 2-3 times increases, by 15th day loss of productivity of grain will increase to 12 times. As a rule,...
Group: Sunflower harvesting
Colza harvesting by combines
  For collecting colza rape tables – the converted grain harvesters which reduce loss of seeds in the course of cleaning are used. Active dividers of side undercuttings in harvesters cut the difficult textures formed by culture. The adjusted cutting parts of a harvester displaced forward reduce...
Group: Harvesting


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