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Soy harvesting by combines

Soy harvesting by combines
  • Soy harvesting by combines


Classical, rotor and hybrid combines with Flex harvesters are suitable for cleaning of soy.

Combines of classical type for cleaning of soy are equipped with keyboard system of separation and drum system of the thresh. They are intended for cleaning of the dried mass of soybeans. However with classical combines it is necessary to exclude completely humidity which promotes pasting of weight and a zalepleniye of a solomotryas. As a result – the separating properties of mechanisms are leveled, the combine needs cleaning.

Classical rotor combines thresh and separate grain thanks to one-two rotors rotating at an identical speed.

With increase in humidity of the removed weight it is recommended to increase the frequency of rotation of a rotor – it improves separation. However the intensification of the thresh and probable damages of grain become result of the increased rotor speed.

Combines with hybrid systems of separation and the thresh show high efficiency when harvesting soy and practically do not depend on humidity of the removed weight. The hybrid design gives the chance to adjust the speed of a thresher and rotor separator.

Information is up-to-date: 20.02.2020

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