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  • Mira Lip allows to carry out processings of plants by pesticides round the clock in the wide temperature range – from +5i to +40C, with equally high efficiency that is irreplaceable for zones of risky agriculture;
  • Liquidates risk of washing off of working solution already in half an hour after processing;
  • Increases productivity of agricultural cultures to 25% (depending on culture and technology of cultivation) due to the stimulating action by growth and development of a plant;
  • Reduces costs of pesticides of 15% and more due to decrease in a dose of application, without loss of their efficiency and reduction of number of chemical processings, due to prolongation of action of SZR;
  • Allows saves time, fuels and water without decrease in efficiency of components of tank mix at the expense of a possibility of application of modern economic sprayers and nozzles with a small consumption of liquid 50-100lga and at the same time not to be afraid of a problem of fast drying of working solution on plants;
  • Improves efficiency of processing of crops by microbiological preparations, being a nutrient medium for microorganisms;
  • Holds moisture and protects plants during vegetation from solar burns, a drought, withering due to the unique properties – hydrogel;
  • Reduces pesticidal load of environment and, as a result, allows to receive more ecologically safe production.

Indisputable advantages before competitors:

  • Mira Lip increases the influence speed, the period of protective action and efficiency of pesticides, maintaining optimum humidity on a plant surface throughout the long period;
  • Does not destroy a protective wax layer on a surface of plants, unlike synthetic prilipatel, and acts as an additional barrier to penetration of causative agents of diseases into a plant;
  • The preparation protects fruits and plants from drying and solar burns thanking formations of a finely porous protective elastic film which, as the thermos, creates a microclimate in a leaf and a fruit;
  • Increases vital energy, increases immunity at plants, prevents losses of a harvest;
  • Increases resistance of plants to a drought, frosts and other stresses;
  • It is well dissolved in water, it can be used in sprayers of any types and in drop systems, rigidity and water temperature do not influence overall performance of a preparation;
  • Let's combine with SZR, fertilizers, biological products at the expense of what easily fits into any technology of cultivation of all agricultural cultures;
  • At application of a preparation Mira Lip in introduction of humic stimulators is not present need.
    Cultures Preparation consumption rate
    Processing of seeds, l/t During vegetation, l/hectare
    Grain grains, corn, posolnechnik, bean, vegetable 0,5 - 1,0 0,2 - 0,25
    Colza 0,3 - 0,5 0,2 - 0,25
    Vineyards, berry, fruit crops - 0,6 - 1,0
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 20.02.2020
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